Back in a day of April 2011, I wrote the first word for An Autumn without Berlin.

Yesterday, July 12th 2015, at 3.30pm, I finished it.

Lots of things have passed during this time. A bunch of good moments, and some difficult ones too. As in all interesting trips, we have met remarkable places, we have come across a lot of good friends, though some enemies too. We have been carried to the hospital due to high fever, diarrhea, stomachaches. We smiled, we cried, we laughed out loud, without forgetting the times we have been stolen, nor the times we got lost and the few ones we found the way then again. We fell in love without doubts, for falling out of love afterwards, and of course, we have made out new stories, we have played; and at plain moments, and unexpectedly, we have been happy.

Up to this moment, where the trip ends. The film is already finished, it lasts 95 minutes and its image and sound are cinematographic. Though I’m aware that’s not always true. A birdie told me once that films never end, that when someone watches them, they recover themselves once again, and they remain on the air from a viewer to another. As it happens in all good trips.

Yesterday I thought that the film was finished, but today I realize that everything has just started.