During these weeks I’m going to write about some memories I have of the San Sebastian Film Festival.

During this edition, it was the premiere of our film Autumn without Berlin and a lot of things happened when we were there, some of them ​were ​very nice. Now, I want to ​tell you ​about ​what happened and ​therefore prevent​ing ​their​ disappear​ance, just​ like an illusion, so I´ve written a few words below.

MEMORIES Zinemaldia 2015. #1

A little while in Séptimo Vicio radio program.

Day 22. The actors, who have just arrived, and me, run like crazy going from one place to the an​other​,​ trying to attend to all the interviewers. I knew it would be tough, but our press manager Sonia Uria turns it into a marathon. We managed all the interviews miraculously. Journalists took care of us, they treated us very well and we enjoyed every second between microphones and cameras.

After doing an interview for ETB news (Basque television), that’s how​ my grandma and my grandpa knew that it was all ​true ​about my movie and so their granddaughter was doing something in San Sebastian. We run to the RNE (Spanich National Radio) building where someone called Tolentino was waiting for us. I'm utterly horrible at remembering names, so I didn’t know who that man​ was​. ​We got there​. Someone introduced me to Tolentino, the actors introduced themselves and the​n​ we took a seat. His face didn’t s​eemed​ familiar to me, his voice a little bit.

We put on the headphones and started to hear the music of our trailer, followed by a song of Marlango. We hadn’t spoke through the micro yet, I didn’t know in which program I was. Until that moment came. The song ended​ and Mr. Tolentino started talking. I was listening to him th​r​ough the ​head​phones, and as you ​do ​know​,​ voice changes through the micro, so he was no longer a stranger ... I'm in the radio program Séptimo Vicio! A flashback brought me to the seat of my car, where I have heard the program thousand of times, and I suddenly felt so excited I almost fell off my chair. Meanwhile Tolentino asked me something, I answered as I could. I still feel elated, as a dream came true... I can’t believe to be talking about Autumn without Berlin in my favourite radio program... So ​then​ I calmed down and with the help from Irene Escolar, Tamar Novas and Javier Tolentino we managed to do a beautiful and special interview.

You can listen to​ it from the minute 21: Séptimo Vicio.

​Y​ou can ​also ​listen ​before ​to the actress Barbara Goenaga talking about her film Pikadero and also about what the Festival means ​to​ her. She is so nice that it’s a good pleasure to listen to her, so if I were you, I´d hear the entire program.

I hope you´ll enjoy it as much as we did.