Are you? Are you the screenwriter? How many hours do you have to write to be a screenwriter?

One? Two? Three? Four? Everyday? Weekly? Each year 340 hours? Aren’t you ashamed to say you're a screenwriter? How many hours are you thinking about what you are going to write? One thousand? Three thousand? One million? Will it be necessary to think before beginning to write?

Writing automatically? What’s that? Write about shopping or about time? Is it raining? Is the sky gray? For breakfast, fruit or a piece of Auntie Mildred's kiwi? Yesterday's coffee? Who cares what we write? Who cares what we have to tell? Do I care what I have to tell?

Isn’t it much better to read? Read what others write? Do you learn more by writing or reading? Will I be a reader? Do I read every day? For 2 or 3 hours?

Am I also a screenwriter? A year twice? How many times do I have to be a screenwriter to say that I actually am? How many hours do I have to spend writing scripts? Is the office something that is carried in the heart? Or do we get writing to say that we are of the trade? Is not it all a lie? An idea? Five hundred ideas? Is it that difficult to find the way? Cheap rhymes? The point of view of the protagonist? Is it necessary to listen to the textures of the characters' voices? See what I write? Cry when I write? Do I have to kill the protagonist? Is it always necessary for someone to die to be born a character? Did San Manuel Bueno Martir de Unamuno traumatized me? Or the bulbs of Professor Agustin on the board? Do you have to be traumatized to write something decent?

Am I happy? Will it be written from happiness? Is it easier from the sadness? More interesting? Will the drama be more morbid? Is it better if I can identify with the protagonist? Or is it better to get away completely? Is it possible? Write with music? Ruper Ordorika? Mikel Urdangarin? To write Basque music in Basque? To write in Spanish, better, Ismael Serrano or Silvio Rodriguez?

Am I late? Has the time passed? What am I writing? I'm not going? Will I be able to pay this month's fee? I'm going? Or not? Is it good to play sports? Better than writing? Isn’t it writing gymnastics for the brain? Am I going? Am I going? I'm going.