Fabricando Mujeres

Genre: Interactive documentary

Year: 2019

Duration: min.

At 80, Maite continues to collect the castoffs from the Women’s Factory with which to build her inventions. In her workshop she has created a subversive space from which to combat the stereotypes of the ideal woman that the Factory exports. For this she relies on a wide network of people she collaborates with, with whom she shares not only her anxieties, but also her struggle. Maite has created her workshop as an expanded collaborative space where she continues to work on the Non Governmental Development Organisation Setem’s study “Do we Consume Violence?”, through collectively identifying genuine alternatives and establishing tools with which to combat the abuses we receive every day through consumerism.

Film Crew

Paula Iglesias y Ana Serna

Script and direction

Ana Serna, Maialen Oleaga, Paula Iglesias

Executive production

Nere Falagan

Direction of photography

Patricia Lorenzo

Art direction

Patricia Lorenzo

Costume design

Paula Iglesias


Sra. Milton


Al Borde Films / Setem / Gariza Films