Genre: Dramedy

Year: 2021

Duration: 95 min.

Nora is 30 years old, and lives with her Argentinean grandfa- ther Nicolás. She usually takes care of her friend Meri’s children. Nora writes the horoscope for the local magazine, although her dream is to become a travel writer.

After her grandfather’s death, she will inherit an old Dyane 6. Even though she is very bad at driving, Nora is going on a road trip along the coast of the Basque Country in order to take her grandfather’s ashes to her grandmother’s side.

The road will soon teach her that she is not a born traveller and that her dream had nothing to do with her. As a matter of fact that was just an excuse to give herself a chance to be free, to grow up, to close wounds and to allow herself to be happy for the first time.


  • Nora

    Ane Pikaza

  • Aitite Nicolás

    Héctor Alterio

  • Aita

    Ramón Barea

  • Ama

    Klara Badiola

  • Meri

    Naiara Carmona

  • Trabajadora Gasolinera

    Itziar Ituño

  • Joseba

    Iñigo Aranbarri

  • Jon

    Kepa Errasti

  • Ximun

    Peio Berterretche

  • Elene

    June Isasi

  • Markel

    Paul Correa

  • Amy

    Aia Kruse

  • Mari Feli

    Loli Astoreka

  • Ander

    Joseba Usabiaga

  • Catherine

    Catherine Domain

Film Crew

Lara Izagirre Garizurieta

Director and script

Garazi Elorza

Executive production

Marga Garizurieta, Lara Izagirre Garizurieta, Cristina Zumárraga, Pablo Bossi y Jokin Etcheverria

Production companies

Itxaso Espinal

Line producer

Gaizka Bourgeaud

Direction of photography

Izaskun Urkijo

Art direction

Iratxe Sanz

Costume design

Rakel Blázquez

Make-up and hairdresser

Jean Minondo


Ibai Elortza


Paula Olaz y Pascal Gaigne


Color en movimiento


Alejandro Castillo

Sound design

Gariza Films, Tandem Films y La Fidèle Production


A contracorriente films



International distribution


Premio del Público

Certamen de Cine de Viajes del Ocejón