A March to Remember

Genre: Historic drama

Year: 2019

Duration: 92 min.

It’s 1976, dictator Franco has died and the changes that follow urge the nation to demand their economic rights. Vitoria is a tranquil provincial capital where Jose Luis works in the news department of a local radio station. Begoña, his daughter, is a young university student who takes part of the workers’ movement, particularly because her boyfriend Mikel has become one of the movement’s organisers. The events escalate to a public confrontation of employers and employees. The people against the government. Even the media has begun to choose sides and to diverge from the mainstream. The government proposes Jose Luis to become the head of the news department. There is no way he can refuse.


  • Begoña

    Amaia Aberasturi

  • Mikel

    Mikel Iglesias

  • Ana

    Ruth Díaz

  • José Luis

    Alberto Berzal

Film Crew

Héctor Amado, Oskar Bañuelos y Juan Ibarrondo


Víctor Cabaco


Pako Ruiz, Oskar Bañuelos y Asier Bilbao

Executive production

Gaizka Bourgeaud

Direction of photography

Koldo Jones

Art direction

Nerea Torrijos

Costume design

Álvaro Herrero


José Luis Canal


Departamento de Cultura del Gobierno Vasco / ETB / Gariza Films / ICAA / Sonora Estudios